For Aspiring Leaders

For Aspiring Leaders
Photo by Duy Pham / Unsplash

Leading the remote teams in this new era is exciting. It brings many benefits and opportunities, plus some unique challenges (Zoom fatigue, team connection and collaboration, role clarity and more).

4Cs workshop that I attended at Atlassian

Over the last couple of months, Atlassian ran a workshop for people leaders in which I also participated. Because I believe leaders must be continuous learners and improve their leadership skills, thinking about how to be flexible and adapt themselves to the changes in the world.

There are so many frameworks for leadership styles, approaches, behaviours and activities that can be overwhelming. Atlassian encourages leaders to focus on 4Cs, a practical workshop to help leaders reinforce great people practices that you can build into your regular interactions with your team and that will set you up for success in leading remote teams who work from anywhere.

What are the 4Cs?

Great people leaders have 4 critical roles to play - as a Connector, Coach, Conductor, and Compass, emphasising the tangible manager practices that enable organisational performance and health in a hybrid world.

  1. Be a Connector: Lead with empathy to strengthen trust, connection and relationships.
  2. Be a Coach: Bring out the best in the team members and support their career growth.
  3. Be a Conductor: Deliver strong outcomes through your team; you balance workload and avoid burnout.
  4. Be a Compass: Think about “north star” for your values and behaviours. You know and grow yourself, and expect the same from your team.

The whole purpose of the workshop is to make more connected, engaged and effective teams. If you are keen to hear more on that, I will share some of my learnings on this topic soon in other channels and meetups.