What recently caught my attention more than ever is the industry and the business value rather than the technology itself.
Health industry is the one which makes me keep thinking of what can I do with technology and specifically AI for people who suffers from diseases in particular people with disability.
A few months ago I came up with an idea to build a white cane which has a camera on the top which you can take a photo of the scene, person, sign or text in front of the person who is visually impaired and extract some details from the image to convert it to the audio.
I had this idea up until yesterday when I participated in #TheMVPchallenge for Microsoft AI and data category and I went through some Microsoft learning documents and I realised there is a R&D project from Microsoft which is called “Seeing AI” app.
This app has all the ideas I had but in the form of mobile app while mine is more aligned with using IOT.

A few Azure AI features including computer vision and natural language processing are used in this app and the whole concept in aligned with responsible AI and AI for good. For more information please read more on Microsoft Learn