About Me

My name is Nelly Sattari, Engineering manager/PaaS at Atlassian based in Sydney, Australia.

Although I am amazed by how technology can be used for any kind of problem-solving, I am passionate about growing, nurturing and mentoring other engineers and Tech lovers which led me to grow into the Engineering manager role to enjoy the most.

I came from Software engineering/programming background and I am indebted to my full-stack knowledge which enabled me to take on different roles in my career over years. All these experiences led me to be awarded the Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for consecutive years since 2019.

I am passionate about driving minds to engage with technology and problem solving and that is why I enjoy public speaking at IT conferences.

Inclusive, local IT communities are my favourite playground and where I facilitate knowledge-sharing platforms, blogging, support user groups and nurture beginner expertise while steering clear of buzzwords for a more practical and tangible approach.