Collaborating ideas with digital whiteboards

Collaborating ideas with digital whiteboards

I am kinda of a person who loves to draw my thoughts and ideas on the boards!

Since I was at school, I always used a whiteboard to draw the flows, I used it to learn my lessons by drawing different aspects and points, sometimes I even used it to make my decisions by visualising the problem.

Later on when the technology grew, I move to tablets and using note Ipads with pen. Recently since I started working from home though, I realized I need a way to demonstrated my ideas and the flows that I have in mind with my team to make sure they see what I see too. So for that I am using Wacom which helps with design. thinking and visualising the ideas and diagrams.

Working form home and collaborating the ideas within the team really needs a way to visualise the thoughts otherwise the words might not be enough to deliver messages.

I found it really great way to demonstrating your thoughts and sharing the way you are thinking with others.

Apps which helps with drawing

I posted a twitter question @nelly_sattari to see what application is helpfull for an engineer not a painter or designer and people came up with lots of great apps based on their experiences. I decided to post them here so if you had the same question, here you are to see them in one place.